Just like beauty, energy comes from within – actually both are connected. The way we feel reflects on how we look, how we feel and how we interact with each other. When we are feeling alive our eyes sparkle, we glow and we have endless energy to act vigorously including physical performance.

The simple act of everyday self-care is to feed your body right. To listen to it and act on it. Start your morning with Energize Me blend powered by four superfoods – beets, dragonfruit, mangosteen, and mulberries.  The secret ingredient is beets that help your blood to carry more oxygen. More oxygen in your blood means more energy, and your performance is going up. You can run faster, you spin stronger and longer, you are more alert and your recovery is faster.

Energize Me blend is also a powerful antioxidant, and supports collagen formation for a healthy and youthful complexion.


1-11/2 cups of plant-based mylk  – recommend using oat, almond, coconut
1 Banana
A handful of fresh or frozen berries – we like to use strawberries to amplify the flavor of beets
A scoop of Energize Me


Place all ingredients into the blender.
Blend it till silky smooth.
Drink fresh and enjoy the feeling of full energy and glowing from inside out.

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