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MELONAID / toned skin + beauty


A new whole-food take on protein for ingestible beauty + wellness 

Why Watermelon Seeds?

Watermelon seeds, live and sprouted, deliver the perfect plant-based protein that your muscles need for healthy functioning. They are naturally rich in arginine and lysine, amino acids that promote collagen formation and improve metabolism, maintain toned skin, and a youthful and vibrant appearance. Ageless Beauty.

The seeds are kept whole to eliminate the drying process that destroys much of their nutritional value. Live, powerful and unique, MelonAid introduces you to a new way of ingestible beauty + wellness.

While the trend towards plant-based protein has grown over the past decade, innovation has been limited. At DOPE Naturally we don’t believe in limitations, for you or for us. We innovate to provide you the purest and most unique superfood blends so you can switch from ordinary pea protein or rice protein to something more powerful and extraordinary.

The Power of Superfoods.

Beets provide the perfect energy boost, promoting greater oxygen flow, and are also known for their powerful anti-aging properties. Dragonfruit promotes skin health and helps weight management. Mangosteen has strong anti-aging properties at a cellular level, helping skin appear more youthful, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and potent energy booster. Strawberries are a delicious way to spike your beauty and wellness. They are perfect anti-oxidants, improve skin tone, and reduce inflammation.

As a child I was told to spit the seeds out, and my grandmother used to tell me the tale that if I ate watermelon seeds I would grow an enormous watermelon in my tummy. However, I loved chewing on the seeds, even before I finished the rest of my favorite fruit, watermelon. Today, knowing their benefits, I love watermelon seeds even more!

I encourage you to chew by adding Melonaid into yogurt, sprinkling it on your granola, or enhancing your pancake mix; if you prefer it smooth, you can blend it with your favorite drink and enjoy its pure power by sipping it.

Clean, fresh taste from whole watermelon seeds and berry fresh superfood powders. Tastes like nature, not a sugar factory.

USDA organic | vegan | paleo | gluten-free |

No added sugar. No added flavors.
Free of soy, pea, hemp & rice protein.


Nourishment for toned skin and muscles
Amino acids for an ageless face and body
Get the benefits of sprouted, untouched raw wellness
Achieve your goals in fitness and life
Feed your body with the fuel you need, feeling satiated not heavy


Organic Watermelon seeds, whole and sprouted
Organic Beets
Organic Dragonfruit
Organic Strawberries

How to Dope 

Enjoy the crunch or easily blend.

Chewing is good for you and your digestive system! Get the pleasure of the crunch by sprinkling into yogurt, cereals, and even adding to your favorite ice cream. Or blend completely into a smoothie and sip.

Tested on New Yorkers – not animals.

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