BEET FORCE / energy + glow


The perfect energy, stamina and beauty boost.

Your ideal pre- or post- workout superfood, including for the exercise of everyday living

Eating the wrong foods can slow our metabolism and diminish our focus, while sugar spikes often reverse into sharp plunges. Dope Naturally delivers nothing but the purest formulation of just four superfoods that work in harmony with your body and deliver balanced energy without spikes. Our blends are not diluted by inexpensive and unhealthy fillers.

Beet Force combines the powers of four great superfoods to provide sustained energy and help you maintain a youthful glow.  Beets are the perfect energy booster, promoting greater oxygen flow, and are also known for their powerful anti-aging properties.  Dragonfruit promotes skin health and helps with weight management. Mangosteen has strong cellular renewal properties at the cellular level helping skin appear more youthful, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and potent energy booster. Mulberries are a perfect blood tonic, acting as a cleanser to improve blood circulation, and promoting skin and hair glow.

There are no shortcuts to getting results – in the end our bodies pay the price for quick and dirty fixes. Synthetic performance-enhancers damage our organs; throw our hormones off-kilter, increase hypertension and muscle pain, to list a few side effects!

Feed your body and beauty with only the best ingredients it deserves!

USDA organic | vegan | paleo | gluten-free | kosher

No added sugar. No added flavors.

Ingestible Beauty + Wellness


Develop an ageless glow from within
Supports collagen formation
Achieve your body and fitness goals faster
Recover quickly from workouts, stress, life
Provides hours of clean, plant-based energy


Organic Beets
Organic Dragonfruit
Organic Mangosteen
Organic Mulberries

Taste Notes 

Fresh, slightly earthy with a hint of the tropics. Tastes like nature, not a sugar factory.

How to Dope

Add to water, coconut water, lattes, smoothies. Mix into yogurt or your favorite recipes.

Tested on New Yorkers – not animals.


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