BEET BLISS / adaptogens + mind clarity


Drinkable, edible bliss. A daily boost for your beauty, body and mind.

Food has a direct impact on beauty. By choosing properly,  you can improve your skin tone and prolong your youthful appearance. At DOPE Naturally, we take food seriously when it comes to beauty + wellness. What we ingest has an enormous impact on how we look and age, and on our energy level. Superfoods have powers that work at a cellular level to improve skin tone and glow, and also deliver endless energy.

Our unique formulation combines solely four powerful superfoods to naturally elevate your beauty and well-being. We do not dilute our formulas with any type of fillers.

Beets provide the perfect energy boost, promoting greater oxygen flow, and are also known for their powerful anti-aging properties. Cacao supports cell rejuvenation, and is rich in magnesium, vitamin C and omega 6 fatty acids perfect for a youthful complexion. Cacao also promotes blood flow to your skin and has been known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Baobab promotes collagen formation, protects cells from oxidative stress (free radicals), helps the absorption of iron, and is a Vitamin C powerhouse. Mangosteen has strong anti-aging properties at a cellular level, helping skin appear more youthful, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and potent energy booster.

Your all in one ingestible beauty and wellness booster

USDA organic | vegan | paleo | gluten-free | kosher

No added sugar. No flavors added.

Ingestible Beauty + Wellness


Develop an ageless glow from within
Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory benefits
Helps push through tough workouts and wild days
Elevate your energy level
Hours of clean, plant-based energy


Organic beets
Organic raw cacao
Organic baobab
Organic mangosteen

Taste Notes

A bittersweet symphony, earthy with a hint of citrus. Tastes like nature, not a sugar factory.

How to Dope

Add to water, coconut water, lattes, smoothies. Mix into yogurt or your favorite recipes.

Tested on New Yorkers – not animals.


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