Sylwia Wiesenberg

Founder of Dope Naturally

Sylwia Wiesenberg is the founder and visionary behind DOPE Naturally, as well as Tonique Fitness, her unique and intense fitness method with a worldwide following. Sylwia is known for her obsession with superfoods, fitness, and her contagious energy.

She believes in the power of pure ingredients to improve the way we look and age, as well as how we feel and perform. It is this focus on the highest quality foods and an organic lifestyle that led her to become an innovator in the ingestible beauty and wellness industry.

Sylwia’s approach to beauty and wellness is really simple. She stresses that what you eat and how you eat it have a significant long-term impact on your beauty, wellness, and mood. Eating beautifully is a key to ageless beauty and a strong functioning body.