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At DOPE Naturally the process begins with the highest quality ingredients that are unprocessed, pure and potent. We use only USDA organic plant based ingredients – we use only the most potent and pure plants. Our superfoods and superherbs are sourced from their native region, and we assure to partner with only organic and sustainable local farms.

When organic certification for certain herbs is not available, the ingredient is still wildcrafted guaranteed by our environmentally responsible suppliers. We import ingredients from all over the World to our solar powered, USDA organic certified facility in sunny California.

We test for heavy metals to ensure that what you consume only has positive impact on your body, mind, and wellness.

We produce in GMB, solar powered, USDA organic certified facility in sunny California. Post-production we test for heavy metals and any contaminations to ensure that what you consume has only a positive impact on your body, mind, and wellness.

We create each blend using only 4-5 ingredients, absolutely zero sugars added and no flavors. We design the blends based on the synergy of ingredients with each other – using only superfoods, adaptogenic, mineral and probiotic-rich ingredients to create blends with maximized potency.

We do not believe in adding any flavors, colors, and sugars even so-called natural.

We are 100% VEGAN brand. Tested on New Yorkers, Not Animals.

Our canisters are food safe, PET and fully reusable and recyclable.


Dope Naturally products don’t contain any nuts. However, it contains coconut milk powder.

Yes. All DOPE Naturally products are gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free.

Please consult with your doctor before trying Dope Naturally products.


You can DOPE Naturally all day long. We make sure that each blend delivers a positive effect on your beauty, energy, focus, sex life, etc. We recommend to add it to your daily smoothies or mix it with warm water, hot or cold oat or nut milk, or add into your coffee especially Relax me and Arouse Me pairs well. You can make raw chocolates with our blends, add to yogurts, cereal or sprinkle onto salads.

Yes. DOPE Naturally is safe to add on to your existing smoothies, lattes, and mixes. It is safe to mix with other powders and proteins. We recommend to begin using DOPE Naturally solely to feel and see the results, however later we encourage you to experiment with other powders and enjoy the power of ingestibles.

Every child is different, we recommend consulting with your pediatrician.

Most DOPE Naturally is safe for pregnant women, except Restore Me which has an active ingredient called fulvic acid that can increase metabolism and heart rate. Before you start taking DOPE Naturally while pregnant please ask your doctor.

The shelf-life of Dope Naturally products is two years.

Either way is a delicious way to DOPE Naturally. Choose your preference based on your mood. Mix powders with hot water, oat or nut mylk (Energize Me, Relax Me and Arouse Me, Restore me), add to coffee. Add to smoothies or yogurts especially Beautify Me or Restore Me.

You can mix them however best results and taste is by taking them at separate times throughout the day based on your cravings – if you need energy, focus or just some skin beatification.

Consult with the doctor however DOPE Naturally is not a drug but a food supplement and it should not interfere with your drugs.

In dry place. Make sure the product lid is closed properly to avoid contact with humidity. If the product hardens it is because the powder has no preservatives and chemicals added.

DOPE all day long. However, the best results are morning for Beautify Me, Restore Me or Energize me consumed on empty stomach, and for evenings enjoy Relax Me, Arouse Me.


If you change your mind about your purchase, we will only accept exchanges for unused, sealed products. As our products are ingestible, we are unable to accept returns of opened products (unless the product does not comply with a statutory guarantee contained in the applicable consumer law). Please email your request to return your product to sylwia@dopenaturally.com and we will send an address for you to send your unopened product(s) to us. We must receive returned product(s) within 30 days of your order together with a copy of your sales invoice / order confirmation. Please note that shipping a return is at your own cost and we are unable to refund your original order’s shipping cost.

We are unable to accept exchanges for products other than those purchased directly from dopenaturally.com. If you purchased your DOPE Naturally products from any other store or online store, please process your return with the original company of purchase in line with that store’s return policy.


You can purchase DOPE Naturally from our online store. You can also choose to shop with our online retail partners (stockists).

Yes, we partnered with Erewhon stores in California.

At this time we don’t offer samples. However, we are in the process of creating a sampling program.

If your order or any item arrived damaged please contact us immediately, and please provide images as a proof of damage. We ensure that all orders arrive safely to your doors.

Within the US all orders over $75 dollars are subject to free shipping.

Orders less than $75 dollars are subject to a flat rate of $10 dollars shipping charge.

Once the order is placed You will receive a tracking number.

We are supporting less wrapping, no stickers, and no promotional – marketing material movement. Basically, we are limiting our packaging. Since our canisters do not break ( we tested it ) we will place them in recycle box and ship it to you. Sorry, we don’t deliver marketing frills, just a great product!

Please check your tracking and contact us immediately.

Yes. Please contact us and we will assist you as soon as we can.

We ship worldwide, however since the product is heavy the shipping cost outside the U.S. is quite high.