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  • DOPE Beet Bliss Latte

    If you have a coffee habit, a potent substitute that’s packed with superfoods is the Dope Naturally Beet Bliss blend which combines beet, cacao, baobab and mangosteen for a healthier morning stimulant to kick-start your day. Beets add a flush of beauty to your skin with their antioxidant anti-aging betalains, promoting greater oxygen flow to […]

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  • Turn Up the Heat

    Mediterranean Radicchio with Figs and Arugula Radicchios, unlike red cabbages are a loose-leafed chicory with beautiful wine-red, or maroon and white-veined leaves. They are of course high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and being of Mediterranean origin, their bitter-leaves are often common in Italian salads. The type of radicchio I most use is the Treviso, […]

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  • Coconut Beet Lassi 

    When I was young, a glass of beetroot juice was almost a religious ritual at home, serving as a vaccine against ill health that boosted strength and energy, and gave my skin a natural blush.  Back in wintry Poland, in times of necessity, it was a medicinal, strong-flavored drink– but this new beet blend is […]

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  • DOPE Tips

    Stay Hydrated Naturally Drink plenty of water, coconut water, watermelon water and add superfoods like beets, mangosteen or baobab to boost your energy naturally. Your body must stay hydrated for optimal health and glow, and faster recovery. Proper hydration has a significant impact on your performance, as well as helping you feeling vibrant and improving your mood. Movement / […]

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  • Naked Beets

    In winters, when the meadows are white with snow and we are buried under layers of wool, I think back to summers when I’m lying bare-skinned in the sun.  When it’s cold out it takes an effort to keep from curling into a ball and instead to let our surfaces breathe. The chef Jamie Oliver […]

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